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Echoberyl "Apparition"

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Echoberyl - Apparition cover

Echoberyl "Apparition"

Ten track CD with a beautiful eight page photo booklet by Fabio Lovino - Lyrics by Ari of Polyverso


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Echoberyl by Fabio Lovino

Echoberyl is a French-Italian alternative rock/darkwave duo based in Paris. Their music is influenced by some classics like New Order and Depeche Mode but also by soundtracks like You and the Night by M83, the atmosphere of David Lynch's movies, the light voice of french 60s singer France Gall.
Echoberyl is the meeting of two solitudes delivering their deep vulnerability. The delicate voice of Cecilia mixes with Adriano's mesmerizing composition.
Combining strength and fragility, their first album, Apparition, is a cry of pain and a hope of appeasement.

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Echoberyl - Cecilia Dassonneville in Rectangle
The band have just released their debut album "Apparition" accompanied by an extraordinary DIY short film for the track Rectangle that interprets elements of immorality, disobedience, and shame as a desperate cry of pain, suffering, and retribution [...]
Choosing black and white for short movie shot by herself, Cecilia Dassonneville creates a dramatic mystery contaminated in stark contrasts of colour, shade, and vibrancy enlisting the sun to illuminate subtle stains of shame, as shadows cast eternal doubt into a broken heart. [...]
Catherine Gillette, Aug, 6, 2019 - Whitelight/Whiteheat
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Echoberyl, Broken Pieces video, Adriano Iacoangeli, Cecilia Dassonneville
Echoberyl, Broken Pieces video, Adriano Iacoangeli, Cecilia Dassonneville

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