Echoberyl is a darkwave duo formed in Paris at the end of 2018 by Cecilia Dassonneville and Adriano Iacoangeli. They debuted in 2019 with the album “Apparition” (Swiss Dark Nights), followed by “The Awakening of a Mutant Girl” in 2020 (Cold Transmission Records). In 2021 they created their own label and released the third album “Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales”.
Cecilia and Adriano are passionate storytellers using dark, pulsating music as their primary medium. Over the past two years Echoberyl has carved out a very personal space in the dark scene thanks to tracks with a distinctive personality, powerful sounds and melancholy melodies. Songs full of fascinating, scary, sensual, multifaceted female characters to reflect on the present and on our destiny.