Echoberyl "Silent Monster (The Other Side of the Mirror)"

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Echoberyl "Mother Solitude and Other Dark Tales"

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Echoberyl 2020

Cecilia and Adriano are passionate storytellers using dark, pulsating music as their primary medium. Over the past year, Echoberyl has carved out a very personal space in the dark scene thanks to tracks with a distinctive personality, powerful sounds and melancholy melodies. Songs full of fascinating, scary, sensual, multifaceted female characters to reflect on the present and on our destiny.

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Date Venue Where Tickets
Dec 2021 Die at the Disco Festival 2 YouTube Live ---
Oct, 17 2021 The Garage Sessions I YouTube Live Watch
Oct 31, 2020 Communion After Dark: 2 Dark Halloween Twitch event ---
Sept 21, 2019 L'International - with European Ghost Paris, FR ---




[...] Plus loin, le très joli titre "Les Étoiles", en français, confirme que les prises de risques du duo sont volontaires et assumées, et que c’est bien sur Cecilia et son chant typique que tout repose. Ensuite, on se retrouve en terrain plus connu et l'on est entraîné dans une grande ligne droite où l’une et l’autre sont définitivement plus à l’aise, les guitares vrombissent et la voix est on ne peut plus assurée. [...]
Christophe Labussière, Aug 8, 2020 -
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Echoberyl is an Italian and French collaboration between Adriano Iacoangeli (Music) and Cecilia Dassonneville (Vox). “Apparition” marks the duo’s first effort as a music project. And what an effort it is! The music is decidedly what I’d call “Shadow Wave” as it draws from classic artists in the Dark/Coldwave genre yet remains part of the new elite bands making their voices (and instruments) heard around the world. [...]
Craig Willers, Aug 27, 2019 - Obscura Undead
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Echoberyl - Cecilia Dassonneville in Rectangle

Parisian darkwave duo Echoberyl wander through a black and white daydream in their spellbinding video for “Rectangle”—a track culled from their fantastic debut album Apparition.
The song is slow, pulsing, and introspective, driven by bass synths, drum machines, and jangling guitars, with all the atmosphere evoked by sonic allusions to its French cold wave forbearers. [...], Aug 25, 2019
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Echoberyl - Cecilia Dassonneville in Rectangle

[...] The band have just released their debut album "Apparition" accompanied by an extraordinary DIY short film for the track Rectangle that interprets elements of immorality, disobedience, and shame as a desperate cry of pain, suffering, and retribution [...]
Choosing black and white for short movie shot by herself, Cecilia Dassonneville creates a dramatic mystery contaminated in stark contrasts of colour, shade, and vibrancy enlisting the sun to illuminate subtle stains of shame, as shadows cast eternal doubt into a broken heart. [...]
Catherine Gillette, Aug 6, 2019 - Whitelight/Whiteheat
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Echoberyl, Broken Pieces video, Adriano Iacoangeli, Cecilia Dassonneville
Echoberyl, Broken Pieces video, Adriano Iacoangeli, Cecilia Dassonneville

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